Where Is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Found In Perth?

February 13, 2023
Where Is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Found In Perth?

Expanded polystyrene foam, better known as EPS foam, is a versatile material used in all corners of Perth’s construction industry. You might have seen EPS foam used as building cladding. But in most cases, the benefits of EPS foam are hidden beneath the surface of roads, walls, and gardens.

Allow us to explain.

Where is EPS foam used in Perth?


Polystyrene foam is a highly effective insulator with added benefits for builders. EPS foam is used in wall, floor and roof insulation because of its high compressive strength and excellent insulating properties.

EPS sheets are lighter than batts and customisable to any shape, saving time and money on residential and commercial construction projects.

As Perth’s leading EPS foam supplier, Foam Technologies provides EPS sheets and blocks to construction projects around the state.

Road construction

EPS foam is up to 99% lighter than traditional fill materials, with better compressive strength so it stays in place.

Polystyrene blocks are also significantly easier to work with than fill material like sand, soil and sawdust:

  • Faster installation
  • Smaller construction crews
  • Not weather dependent
  • Less space required for road embankments
  • Easier logistics
  • Less maintenance

All these advantages add up to significant cost savings for civil projects.

Void formers

Foam Technologies regularly supplies foam to fill voids around pipes, cables and ducts. Compared to other void fill solutions, EPS has benefits ranging from structural integrity to insulation.

And because polystyrene foam blocks can be cut into custom shapes, we can supply foam void formers to suit unique architectural designs.

Decorative feature moulds

As Perth’s leading EPS foam supplier, Foam Technologies has proudly contributed our expertise to high-profile redevelopment projects, including Perth Children’s Hospital and Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

We also created a truly unique wall cladding installation, which saw EPS foam doubling as a decorative feature and insulation layer.

See our projects here.

Flotation and foundations

Owing to its light weight, water resistance and durability, EPS foam makes a fantastic base for floating structures. Boats, piers, pontoons and jetties sometimes use polystyrene foam as part of the flotation system.

But how does it perform on dry land? Possibly even better. Polystyrene blocks are often laid before pouring concrete foundations or used as underfloor insulation. From cold storage facilities to factories, EPS foam’s insulative properties make it ideal as a long-lasting foundation.

Keep an eye out for EPS foam

Polystyrene foam is lightweight, easy to cut, and relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of construction applications. As an added bonus, it’s also non-toxic and recyclable.

From stunning designs to invisible (but essential) support, EPS foam plays a vital role in the building industry. In our experience as Perth’s leading EPS foam supplier, it can save costs at every stage of a project, from design to installation and energy use.

See the benefits for yourself. Contact Foam Technologies to learn more about EPS foam or get a quote for your next project.



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