What Are Void Formers?

September 17, 2022
Polystyrene void former products providing structural support in construction projects

Void formers are becoming more popular in Perth as Building Designers realise the benefits of using lightweight materials, either as sacrificial formwork or a permanent solution in building & construction projects. Void infill (EPS) blocks are being used in a range of landscaping applications for its weight saving advantages as well as insulation properties.

But what are void formers? Where are they used, what are the advantages over traditional building materials, and why is foam the industry standard?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this exciting innovation in concrete construction.

What are concrete void formers?

Concrete void formers are a versatile construction foam material, used to reduce the overall volume and weight of large concrete structures, such as buildings, bridges, and road infrastructure projects.

In concrete construction, voids (gaps between layers) are created to provide access to services and lighten the structure.

Using EPS foam as a void former provides many benefits including reducing dead weight and structural insulation.

What are void formers typically made of?

Void formers in Perth are manufactured from EPS block foam or expanded polystyrene foam. It’s lightweight, strong, customisable, has excellent compressive strength properties and won’t break down over time.

The versatility, performance and load-bearing characteristics of EPS concrete void formers make them an ideal solution in a range of building and construction applications.

Where would you find void formers in Perth?

In Perth, you can find concrete void formers in all kinds of applications, from new buildings to bridges to large planter boxes in apartments.

They can be pre-formed as a ‘sacrificial mould’ or cast in-situ to provide structural integrity.

Load distribution and stability

EPS foam void formers are often used in the construction of concrete slabs, concrete beams and reducing the volume of concrete needed to create the structure.

Concrete void formers are available in standard blocks, however, they are usually customised to suit the project. Foam Technologies offer a customised cutting service for concrete void formers for Perth’s construction projects.

Insulation sheet

Blocks and sheets of EPS foam make an efficient insulating layer in concrete structures. EPS Blocks and Insulation boards provide a highly effective insulation medium due to its thermal insulation properties.

Wall cladding

EPS wall cladding is a practical, economical and thermally efficient solution when used as a cladding material in stud frame construction. Insulation boards can be fixed between the timber frame work or fixed as an external insulation finish system known as EIFS.

Using high-density EPS void form liners with a spray applied polyurethane hard coat finish, allows the designer to create unique wall cladding finishes that livens up concrete appearances.

Perth’s concrete void former specialists

Foam Technologies specialises in bespoke EPS foam solutions for the pre-cast and concrete construction industry.

We create void formwork and computer-cut profiles, in-situ or pre-formed, for a wide range of construction applications. If you’re interested to see how polystyrene void formers in Perth bring innovative projects to life, have a look at our portfolio or visit for foam perth.


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