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Foam technologies

At Foam Technologies we offer a range of services which includes design and fabrication of customised moulds, void formwork and feature moulds with Polyurethane Hard coat finishes for the Building and Construction Industry. We also service a number of industries with computer cut foam profiles and shapes as well as providing packaging solutions for customers that require impact resistant packaging.

Foam Technologies is focussed on providing high levels of service with fast turnaround times from mould design to fabrication. Our quality assurance process ensures that we manufacture moulds to the highest standard using state of the art CNC foam cutting technology.


Our services range

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Design and fabrication of customised foam moulds

Foam Technologies are experts at the design and fabrication of Bespoke moulds and Architectural features with decorative facades and finishes that blend in with surrounding contemporary buildings.

Void formwork and feature moulds with Polyurethane Hard coat finishes

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is often used as a lightweight material for forming openings or voids within concrete structures. The use of void formers reduces the weight of the structure when left in-situ or as sacrificial formwork which can be removed after the concrete has been cast.

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Polystyrene Computer Cut Foam Profiles and Shapes Perth

Polystyrene foam profiles are cut using state of the art computer software to replicate the form or custom shape. Once the foam mould or shape has been cut on our CNC machine a hard coating finish can be applied to further enhance the strength and finish of the mould.

Custom designed polystyrene packing n perth – packaging solutions for impact resistant packaging

Our custom-designed packaging is manufactured to your exact requirements providing customers with impact shock protection properties, which will ensure your products arrive at the point of use in perfect condition. Expanded Polystyrene can be cut into almost any shape or profile for a wide range of packing applications, from load distribution and stability, to void filling.

An image of polystyrene packing used in Perth, specifically custom EPS packaging. The image shows a variety of custom-cut foam packaging pieces, made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, used to protect fragile items during transportation. The foam pieces are designed to fit specific shapes and sizes, providing a secure and snug fit for the items while also cushioning them against any impacts or shocks that may occur during shipping.
Worker drilling styrofoam sheet insulation on the wall

Supply of Insulation boards, wall cladding, underfloor insulation

Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is a practical, economic and efficient solution and can be applied to all areas of building construction –Insulation sheets can be used for steel stud, timber stud, including concrete and masonry buildings as cavity wall insulation.