Perth Children’s Hospital

Foam Technologies creates a curved landscape feature for The Perth Childrens Hospital.  High density Polystyrene Geofoam blocks were specially fabricated for the project.  Each foam layer was computer cut using CNC cutting equipment to create the curved formwork.

Individual curved sections were fixed by superimposing each layer one above the other and bonding each of the layers together to replicate the curved layout, designed by the Landscape Architects.  High density Geofoam blocks were sprayed with a Polyurethane hard coat finish to provide a tough waterproof coating to protect the foam from any impact damage in readiness for the final soft-fall finish.

The soft fall finish was supplied in earthy brown and beige colours, bonded directly to the hard-shell coating to achieve a tough durable finish that can withstand the rigours of a children’s playground, typical of a high use area.

The Architects choice of colours provides an aesthetically pleasing landscaped feature incorporating both a garden and playground in one area.