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Curved Landscape

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Foam Technologies created a high-functioning landscape feature with a visually pleasing finish for The Perth Children’s Hospital Project. The aesthetic curved design was created specifically for use by young children, using high-density polystyrene Geofoam blocks carefully fabricated into a durable-yet-soft play area suitable for all ages.

These unique feature moulds were made using precise CNC equipment to computer-cut each element of the rounded formwork. Individual sections were then layered and superimposed using effective bonding techniques, pulling together the final vision as designed by the Landscape Architects for this unique project.

The premium finish of this attractive curved landscape feature ensures long-lasting results, with a polyurethane hard coat adding a tough waterproof coating designed to withstand both weather elements and any potential impact damage. As this outdoor feature was to be used by young children, it’s vital a durable coating with a soft-fall finish was in place to allow extensive use without harm.

Once the protective polyurethane was in place, an exterior soft finish was bonded directly to the waterproof hard coat. This tough-yet-soft coating was completed in neutral, earthy tones as requested by the client, complementing the overall design aesthetic of the feature while protecting the foam from any potential damage.

The specific requirements of this project made high-density Geofoam blocks the ideal material when creating the curved feature. Each section was specially fabricated by expert foam technicians, utilising void framework and the exacting nature of CNC cutting equipment. The precise results were required to effectively superimpose the layers together into a safe, fun play area.

A children’s playground such as this needed to withstand the burden of daily high usage, while ensuring the safety of all young patients and visitors. Foam Technologies are proud of the enduring functional results, where both a playground and garden resulted from this visually pleasing landscape feature.


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