Jutland Parade

Curved Landscape

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Channel 7 owner, Kerry Stokes builds a new house on Jutland Parade in Dalkeith. A large triangular shaped concrete balcony forms part of the roof top garden feature designed by the Architect offering stunning views overlooking the river in Dalkeith.

Foam Technologies profile cut (EPS) – Polystyrene formwork in modular interlocking sections that were cast in-situ to follow the curved triangular shape designed by the Architect. Foam Technologies worked closely with concrete contractor to create the formwork which was used as a form-liner for casting the concrete profile for the upper balcony roof deck. The void formwork was simple and easy to install which allowed the contractor to cast the concrete directly over the Polystyrene formwork to create the triangular shape in concrete. Using Polystyrene foam in-situ allowed the contractor to complete the works more quickly than using conventional timber shuttering methods thus, saving time and money.


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