Perth’s geofoam experts expand on this incredible material

December 21, 2022
An image of EPS geofoam, also known as geofoam, used in Perth for construction purposes. The geofoam blocks are made of expanded polystyrene foam and have a lightweight and durable structure. The image shows stacked geofoam blocks of different sizes and shapes, used as a filling material to reduce the weight and improve the stability of construction projects such as roadways, bridges, and building foundations.

Perth’s geofoam experts expand on this incredible material

Stabilising sloping ground EPS Geofoam blocks are the ideal solution because its 50 times lighter than conventional fill materials, providing an alternative method to reinforce soil embankments or deal with challenging Geotechnical issues on site. Geofoam used in higher density grades supplied by Foam Technologies can be used as a base for road or rail embankments where traditional fill materials are too heavy.

Geofoam block is the preferred fill material to replace dirt and soil because its lightweight, easy to transport, handle and install. Traditional fills would require multiple truck loads of material, adding considerable load to the substrate below. Geofoam provides a stable fill with excellent load bearing performance characteristics.

What is EPS geofoam?

EPS Geofoam used in geotechnical applications, is a lightweight block fill material used to reduce load strain, for Civil Engineering projects such as roads, railways, stadiums and bridge abutment.

Geofoam is typically made from expanded polystyrene (EPS). EPS is a versatile building material that’s easy to work with and offers several performance advantages.

Where is geofoam used in Perth?

You’ll find EPS geofoam used in any number of construction applications. Engineers, architects and builders use the material to stabilise and reinforce foundations ranging from developments to large-scale public infrastructure:

  • Rooftop gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Stabilising soft soils
  • Tiered stadium seating
  • Road embankments
  • Bridge abutment and underfill
  • Protecting buried services
  • Railway embankments

But what is it about EPS geofoam that makes it so widely used? And what are the alternative materials that geofoam is replacing?

The benefits of using EPS geofoam in Perth construction projects

Saves time

Perhaps the most significant benefit of EPS geofoam is the time it saves on civil engineering and construction projects.

Easy to install

EPS geofoam is light weight and easy to install without specialised equipment. Geofoam blocks can easily be trimmed on site or customised to suit the application.


Geofoam has a density of 15-22 kg/m3, around 1% that of soil or rock. So it’s an ideal solution for rooftop gardens, soft soil stabilisation, and other applications where the added load would cause stress on underlying subgrades.

Structurally strong and durable

EPS blocks can be supplied in a range of densities offering excellent compressive strength and load-bearing characteristics without adding significant weight to the sub-structure.


Geofoam is produced in blocks that can be cut, shaped and combined to create unique architectural and design solutions.

This enables engineers, architects and builders to design by function; that is, choose the best materials for the project goals rather than being restricted by what’s available.

Geotechnical Engineers have long recognized the usefulness of light weight fill to reduce load strain.  EPS Geofoam is a perfect fit, giving designers a unique product that works in conjunction with other traditional materials to solve construction problems with unprecedented strength and flexibility.

Weather resistant

EPS geofoam has low moisture absorption rates.

Inert and non-toxic

EPS foam blocks are non-toxic and chemically inert. They offer no nutrients for vermin, won’t leach chemicals into nearby waterways, and can be easily treated to repel insects.

In addition, EPS geofoam doesn’t contain HFCs or HCFCs, is carbon-negative, and assists in reaching 6-Star energy efficiency ratings.

EPS geofoam is also 100% recyclable. We reclaim all off-cuts and reprocess them into raw material for other projects.

When it comes down to it, EPS geofoam is a lightweight fill material beyond compare. It’s versatile, easy to use, strong, and reliable without adding weight to underlying structures or interfering with local ecology.

Foam Technologies is the foam supplier in Perth and Foam technologies can offer best EPS geofoam solutions in Western Australia. From standard blocks to highly customised solutions, we can meet your specific project needs with the best material in the business.



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