Easy to install – Foam Technologies Underfloor insulation is a thermally efficient polystyrene insulation board designed to fit as an insulation layer between the timber floor joists of homes and buildings. Underfloor insulation boards offer a simple cost effective solution for DIY installations, even in a confined space. Each insulation batt has profile cut grooved edges that provide a simple method to squeeze and pressure fit each panel between the timber floor joists, without any need to drill or screw into the studs. Underfloor insulation comes in four standard widths to fit between most joist spans and can be easily cut down to fit irregular spans and shapes if required.

Eliminate draughts – The profiled cut sides of our underfloor insulation board allows for a pressure fit between the wooden joists, holding themselves in place and eliminating draughts by sealing the floor below. New Homes or Older Homes – Underfloor insulation can be installed to meet insulation requirements for both new and existing homes to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Underfloor Insulation provides significant benefits to the homeowner

  1. Reduction in energy costs – Underfloor insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  2. Ideal for exposed wooden floors.
  3. Improves the insulation rating of your home, providing an effective thermal barrier.
  4. DIY – Easy to install.


Our Products


Foam Technologies is a leading supplier of EPS foam block, cut sheet and insulation boards.


Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is a practical, economic and efficient solution and can be applied to all areas of building construction.


Expanded Polystyrene can be cut into almost any shape or profile using a CNC cutting process to develop specialised packaging foams for load distribution and stability.


Foam Technologies specialises in manufacturing Polystyrene computer cut profiles & void formwork for the Precast & Concrete Industry.