EPS is 100% recyclable – Foam Technologies recycles all off-cuts and unused material which is processed into raw materials for other production processes. Recycled EPS can be easily re-processed and combined with other plastic materials to simulate wood mouldings, or extruded forms such as picture frames, garden seats and fence posts.

Environmental aspects

EPS foam supplied by Foam Technologies contains no hydro fluorocarbon (HFC) or hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) blowing agents that might cause ozone depletion.

When used as insulation and cladding EPS provides a reduction in energy use and costs for cooling in summer or heating in winter. EPS is carbon negative – saving much more in energy than was used to make the raw material.

  1. Modern building practices now require new construction to conform to six star energy ratings putting pressure on architects and builders to explore new and efficient materials that will assist in achieving this.
  2. Efficient insulation will keep a building cool in summer by reflecting heat and warm in winter by retaining heat. This not only makes the structure more comfortable all year round but will save money on reduced heating and cooling costs. Over the life of a building, efficient insulation will more than pay for itself.
  3. The insulation performance lasts the life of the structure and does not deteriorate. It continues to reduce building energy requirements and emissions long into the future.


Our Products


Foam Technologies is a leading supplier of EPS foam block, cut sheet and insulation boards.


Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is a practical, economic and efficient solution and can be applied to all areas of building construction.


Expanded Polystyrene can be cut into almost any shape or profile using a CNC cutting process to develop specialised packaging foams for load distribution and stability.


Foam Technologies specialises in manufacturing Polystyrene computer cut profiles & void formwork for the Precast & Concrete Industry.