Foam Technologies manufactures geofoam, a cost effective solution to effectively stabilise construction projects. It enables faster construction schedules, is easy to use, is non-toxic and inert, provides no nutrient value to plants, animals and micro-organisms, and does not rot. EPS geofoam helps projects maintain extremely tight construction schedules.

EPS geofoam is produced in blocks that can be cut into various shapes and sizes and can be produced to obtain the required compressive resistance. EPS geofoam density is only about 1% of that of soil and rock making it a superior, ultralight-weight fill material that significantly reduces the stress on underlying subgrades. Vegetative Roofs, Planter boxes in urban areas are possible because of the products unique properties and can be installed on a roofs without special equipment and does not add any appreciable load to the roof structure. EPS geofoams can be cut and shaped on site to create interesting architectural and landscape profiles.

Applications & Use:

EPS Geofoam can be used as backfill behind buried and retaining structures to reduce lateral pressures on the structure without adding any appreciable load.

Unstable slopes can be remedied by removing existing soil and replacing it with EPS geofoam lightweight blocks. EPS geofoam can be used for slope stabilisation for both soil and rocky slopes saving significant time during the construction process.

EPS geofoam can be used for topography features to create roof top gardens for urban buildings.

EPS geofoam is also ideal for forming tiered seating for sports stadiums, theatres, gymnasiums and auditoriums. The high compressive resistance and its light weight make it well suited for new construction and renovation projects.

No special equipment is required when building with EPS geofoam and is easily carried and set in place by labourers. Blocks can be trimmed in the field using a hot wire cutter or saw cut by hand. For soft soil conditions, EPS geofoam can be placed quickly without the need for significant waiting time, while the underlying soil is compacted and stabilised. EPS geofoams are unaffected by the normal range of climate and moisture conditions so construction can proceed without regard to weather conditions.


Our Products


Foam Technologies is a leading supplier of EPS foam block, cut sheet and insulation boards.


Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is a practical, economic and efficient solution and can be applied to all areas of building construction.


Expanded Polystyrene can be cut into almost any shape or profile using a CNC cutting process to develop specialised packaging foams for load distribution and stability.


Foam Technologies specialises in manufacturing Polystyrene computer cut profiles & void formwork for the Precast & Concrete Industry.